Motion Graphics

Motion design, video design, motion graphics, TV design — call it what you want — in any case, it means "design in motion".  Since 2000, we have been doing this — TV design, logo animations, video installations and projections. No wonder we love this kind of creativity and we are excited about every new project.

Video Presentations

An exhibition stand, a website, a conference room, monitors in the sales area, your employee's iPad — these are the points of contact between your business and potential customers. Do you use 100% of the contact points? Video presentations will tell everyone about your business in a fascinating way within 2-3 minutes.
Presentation Slides

Presentation slides should help to hold attention, impress, explain, and convince if this is a presentation for the speaker. But it can be a self-sufficient product. For example — sent by mail, posted on the company's website or on popular services.

Post Production

Source videos always need post-processing. Only after this stage you be able to achieve a good result on the screen: editing, color correction, grading, computer graphics, matte painting, compositing, visual effects (VFX).
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