A set of animated 3d presentations
for an insurance company
We formulate the task and discuss it.
We come to understand that frame-by-frame animation allows us to tell our story about not very pleasant things (for example, insurance claims) without negativity.
We take the camera. Everything is fine, but we understand that the task cannot be completed in the required amount and at the specified time.
Coke or Pepsi? Is there a difference in taste?
The difference in taste maybe exists, but there is no meaning to look for it.
What if we try to make a fake stop motion in 3d?
This approach gives us complete control over the process.

The result is:
- one part of the work made in 3ds max, 
- the other part made in After Effects.

Five working weeks. We are glad to be in time.
A pleasant surprise — we received a letter of thanks from the client.

Thanks for watching!

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